Tuesday, October 25, 2016

First Month at Slimming World

It has been four weeks since I began my Slimming World journey. To be honest, it has gone so much better than I expected! My first week I was a bit disappointed as I had only lost 2.5 lbs. When you sign up they tell you about how easy people find it to lose lots of weight so I was left wondering why I had only lost 2.5lbs! The second week went a lot better and I managed to lose 4.5lbs, the following week I lost 5.5lbs and the week after that I lost 4.5lbs again.

I have lost just over a stone so far, and these are the things I've found really helpful:

- Finding different recipes to try out (I look online, in the Slimming World magazine and recipe books as well as taking recommendations from people at the meetings)

- Staying for the meeting! I've tried several groups because the first meeting I went to was a bit hopeless to be honest. I've since found a really lively and sociable group - which makes all the difference! Talking about your week and sharing ideas is really helpful and helps me refresh my focus for the week ahead.

- You have a bad moment, meal, day, or week. Okay, now you will rectify it immediately. It's so easy to just give up after you've lapsed in your diet. Every week I have lost weight, but this doesn't mean I haven't been popping into Nandos or munching on Minstrels! It just means that I make allowances for moments like those + then head to the gym or top up my speed foods!

- Take it one week at a time. A week is a long time when you're monitoring everything you eat. Having a weekly food menu so you know in advance what you'll be eating and when is so helpful for eliminating those weak moments when you would normally opt for an easier (and unhealthier) meal.

- Get out and about. Although you don't need to exercise to lose weight with slimming world, I just find it quite relaxing and even a light walk or quick swim helps me to remember what my body is capable of.

I hope you've found these tips helpful. Let me know if you have any advice or tips to share in the comments.

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