Saturday, March 18, 2017

Back on track...

Well this week was a success!

I lost 4.5lbs and am feeling really motivated to stay on track and keep going… I now have another 4.5lbs to go until I have lost 4 stone. The idea of losing four stone (and never regaining it, ever ever again) is enough to make me a little bit giddy. I love looking in the mirror and noticing my changing body shape. I am now more determined than ever to keep it up and to make March 2017 a month I really dedicated to changing my life for the better.

And the secret? Planning. Planning everything I will eat, when I will eat it and making sure I am not forced to grab a supermarket sandwich (those things are so bad for you!) or something equally horrendous…

On another note, thank god the weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining more. It’s making me look forward to summer – lounging on the beach (maybe even getting a bit of a tan….or is that too much to ask for?!) and having more time to read, relax and unwind.

 Weight loss this week: 4.5lbs

 Target weight loss for this week: 3lbs


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