Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ladies Plus Size Sportswear

It can be near impossible to find comfortable and affordable sportswear in larger sizes. Sometimes shops have loads of ranges...but for some reason at the moment there's not much around. I've been looking into exercising more, which led me to start looking for sportswear...not that there is much available! Honestly, what do those shops expect us to wear?!

ASOS are a bit hopeless at plus-size jogging bottoms, but are very good for swim suits in larger sizes if you enjoy swimming. And they’re not all hideous attempts to cover your body, too!

George at Asda – has a great range of affordable sportswear (in nice designs too!) in a range of sizes.

Marks and Spencer – are particularly good for finding sports bras in larger sizes [got to have that support! ;)]

Sainsbury’s TU – a range of affordable jogging bottoms, yoga pants and tops in sizes 8-22

Simply Be – have a great range of sportswear in sizes 12-32. Some of the clothes are only available up to size 22, but there’s a lot to choose from there.

Evans has some leisurewear in larger sizes. There’s not as much as Simply Be but there’s still some good options, especially in the larger sizes. 

If you know of any other shops that offer larger ladies the option to feel good about themselves whilst exercising (instead of just ignoring them!), leave a link in the comments below... I'm always in the look out for fresh options for the gym!


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