Monday, May 1, 2017

Changing my routine

Honesty time: changing my routine is a disaster for my diet.

When I am at work, I can stick to the diet religiously. There’s no problem with snacking out of boredom or emotional eating. However, when I am at home more (as I will be over the summer) that’s when my good intentions fall by the way-side.

I am a little bit terrified of the coming summer. At the end of May, I will be on summer holidays until September. Unless I have a serious sit down and think of a new schedule or routine for myself, I will end up undoing all of the good work I have done so far. The whole time I have been on Slimming World, I have been working…. the proof will be in the pudding if I am able to stay on plan over the summer.

Weight loss this week: 2lbs

Weight loss target for this upcoming week: 2lbs.



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