Sunday, May 7, 2017

The tiny decisions and choices

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Last month, I was fixated on an end-date. I wanted to calculate exactly how much weight I would need to lose each week to reach my target by a certain date. In the process, I made no progress. I maintained that week and had poor weight losses on other weeks because my mind was focusing on the wrong thing.

I've since learned that the progress you see can't be planned. You can't sit down and calculate the exact date you will fit into a pair of jeans which are the next size down. You can't calculate when you will notice your shrinking figure or when somebody will compliment you. You can, however, take control of the minute decisions and choices you make each and everyday to get to that point. And whilst I was busy doing my calculations, I wasn't paying any attention to those smaller decisions.

This month I want to notice the smaller decisions. I want to focus on my free foods: trying different types as well as eating more of it. Making that tiny decision to eat speed foods with every meal may not have immediate effects but it will show over time, I just need to learn how to be more patient!


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