Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ten things I am happy about at this exact moment in history

 In no particular order...

- Claridge’s reservation for the end of August {you need to book months in advance}
- That my fringe is long enough to be in a ponytail {it’s in that awkward growing out phase}
- That none of my family and friends were hurt in the London attacks last night {thoughts are with those who loved somebody they loved}
- The book I am reading {‘All the Bright Places’}
- That my to-do list is EMPTY. I am spending my Sunday not working and am not feeling GUILTY.
- That I will be able to make myself a cup of coffee in a few minutes {it’s the little things}
- I am going to become an auntie soon {but I’m not in a rush, take your time little one}
- I have time, energy and the inclination to blog again
- The idea of endless possibilities for the summer ahead {trips, memories, lots and lots of writing}
- I want to WRITE again. It’s an endless cycle: the happier I am - the more I write, the more I write - the happier I am.

I'm now off to make that cup of coffee.....hope you have a lovely Sunday. 


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